Animal food given to the organizations and individuals who are actively working on lowering the number of abandoned animals in Serbia

It is our pleasure that we were able to provide 15,000 meals for abandoned cats and dogs with help from our citizens who made their donations for animals!

ORCA Committee for allocation of animals food which reviewed the received applications viewed them in relation to a number of criteria, three of which are the most important:

1. Conditions in which animals are kept and animal welfare

We have supported organisations, shelters and individuals that care for animals mindful of the resources that are available to them, so that the places where the animals reside are not overpopulated; where animals are cared for by sufficient numbers of workers or volunteers; where the animals are sterilized and vaccinated against infectious diseases and are provided with timely veterinary care if they are ill.

2. Active rehoming

We supported those organisations, shelters and individuals who are dedicated to actively rehoming abandoned animals to responsible owners on the territory of Serbia, aware that by doing this they create an environment that encourages rehoming of mixed breed dogs and cats and allow space for other animals from the streets to be cared for until their permanent home is found.

3. Building relationships with the community

We supported organisations, shelters and individuals who work on the protection of animals by including volunteers, organizing activities and creating good relationships in the community. A way to create an environment where there are no abandoned animals is to create habits of responsible ownership – which is achieved by organisationsand individuals who are dedicated to familiarizing the owners with the advantages of sterilization, giving them advice about responsible pet ownership or reacting to animal neglect and abuse.

Animal care organisations and individuals are often overwhelmed by the number of reports about animals in need of assistance.  This is due to the fact that, despite sporadic efforts, local governments still don’t have a systematic solution to the problem of abandoned animals. Despite a difficult situation, many are able, beside caring for animals, to devote time to their rehoming, to be open to the involvement of volunteers and to foster relationships between people and their pets in their local community. ORCA recognizes this type of activism as very important for animals, but also for the people in local communities and it is our pleasure that we are able to support it.

The organizations and individuals who were supported are:

  1. Dana Dal Fara
  2. The Animal protection society “Stich”
  3. Association for animal rights “BAK”
  4. Gordana Andrejić
  5. Cat shelter “Felix”
  6. The Society for Animal Protection SPASA


Last year, ORCA has had the opportunity for the first time to award animal food to organisations, shelters and individuals who take care of animals responsibly. In that effort we were helped by children and their parents who bought the “stickers that protect animals” for the album “Animal Friends Mission”. Thanks to the brand PANINI who dedicated part of the profit made from selling the album and stickers to ORCA for supporting care for animals in Serbia, we have been able to provide 100.000meals for animals that needed them the most!

Thank you for donating for the abandoned animals!