Veverica provodi najveći deo svog života u potrazi za hranom. Tražeći orahe i lešnike, penje se na drveće i pretražuje svaki kutak šume. Kako bi preživela zimu,  skriva svu hranu koju sakupi. Međutim, ponekad toliko dobro sakrije svoje zalihe, pa ni sama ne uspe da ih nađe…

Veverica sedi na grani drveta

Squirrels and their “forgetfulness” are the reason for millions of trees being planted all over the world. How? Unlike some birds, squirrels don’t have “mind maps” that help them remember where they had stored their food supply. Instead of good memory, they rely on their sense of smell, which will help them find hazelnuts they had buried in the ground. As you might guess, part of the supply stays uncovered because squirrels don’t have a strong sense of smell. On these spots grow trees, and that’s how squirrels unknowingly save the planet and make it a better place.

Veverica zakopava zalihe hrane za zimu

Still, storing and separating aren’t the only challenges they face. To uncover where squirrels hide food, birds often “spy” on them. As soon as squirrels put away their supply, birds come, dig it up and steal everything they find. In the meantime, squirrels realised this and decided to make “fake storages” to trick birds. When a bird stumbles upon several empty holes, it soon gives up on digging up and stealing.

All “fake storages”, stolen food and forgotten supply later turn into tall trees. This way, a squirrel takes part in tree planting without even knowing it.

Veverica leži na stablu drveta

And so, the next time you hear the question: “Who will save the trees?”, you can loudly exclaim: “Squirrels!”