Animal welfare is an important factor that provides better quality of life (for humans). It is strongly linked with the economic and rural development., improves scientific and research activity and ensures social prosperity and environmental protection. Therefore, animal welfare is part of a numerous EU policies with a focus on environmental protection, food safety and scientific research development. However, an insufficient number of donors is aware of the benefits that projects in this area may lead to development of socio-economic, public health and environmental protection. In addition, CSOs working in this area in the Western Balkan, are relatively modest in terms of capacity, human resources and financial sustainability They lack the knowledge, skills, resources, as well as mutual cooperation for more effective fundraising.

Project “Capacity building of CSOs in western Balkan” was carried out with overall objective that leads to sustainability and capacity building of CSOs working in the area of animal welfare in Western Balkan. Project aim was to identify and link stakeholders – donors, institutions and partners CSOs in the Western Balkan region as well as promoting projects ideas for(to) potential funding sources. Project was implemented during 2013-2014 and is funded by British Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – the RASPCA (UK). Project value was around 15.850,00 €.

Shortly after this project, ORCA has been  successful in receiving EU grant for project – regional thematic network for sustainable agriculture and nature conservation in WB region (2016-2019).

Main project activities

  • Networking partner CSOs in Western Balkan region and creating work platforms;
  • Identification of donors, institutions and relevant stakeholder at the national and international level through desk research;
  • Arranging meetings and networking of relevant stakeholders aimed at developing CSOs and projects ideas in the area of animal welfare in the Western Balkan.