Would you like to actively contribute to animal welfare and nature protection throughout your career? Would you like to use your knowledge in order to make real change in our society? Are you curious to learn about the ways of providing financial means for your work,  or how you can share your message effectively with citizens, politicians or media? Would you like to improve your knowledge in areas you are interested in, while collaborating with your own mentor?

Welcome to the Leadership training programme within ORCA Academy (also known as LTP): a unique training programme which, through its multidisciplinary approach – by integrating knowledge gathered from natural and human sciences develops knowledge and skills needed for applied animal and nature protection. LTP is the first program of this type in our country, developed on the basis of needs of our society and based on the modern European educational programs in these fields.

The program is intended for all those who want to dedicate their work to animal welfare and nature protection, including: undergraduate students, postgraduate students, experts coming from relevant fields and civil society activists.

ORCA Academy treats animal welfare and nature protection as multidisciplinary fields which can be further developed by  integrating knowledge from natural and human sciences.

We affirm modern approach to animal welfare and nature protection, and at the same time we consider broader socio-economic and political frame for the development of this fields.

The main topics covered by LTP:

    • Advocacy techniques and their use in animal welfare and nature protection
    • Communication with different target audiences
    • The process of making and adopting  laws, roles and competences of insitutions and organizations dealing with animal welfare and nature protection
    • Leadership skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Media and public speaking skills
    • Fundraising techniques and project management
    • Modern concepts of animal welfare and species and habitats conservation


LTP 2020/21 will last for 12 months and includes:

  1. Two five-day long training modules in May and November 2020
  2. Developing an advocacy campaign and writing research paper using mentor support. Topics of campaigns and papers will be discussed with LTP students during and immediately after the first module.
  3. One-day long workshops on presentation of advocacy campaign and research paper concepts in June 2020
  4. Webinar about the basics of project management and fundraising for nonprofit initiatives

If necessary, we will organize visits to institutions dealing with animal welfare and nature protection in Serbia, aiming to familiarise LTP students with their work. Students that successfully complete all their obligations will get ORCA Academy certificate, and the possibility to become a part of ORCA and other partner institutions and organisations ORCA cooperates with.


    • The competition lasts until April 30th, 2020 at 16h.
    • The application documentation includes biography and motivation letter. Application should be sent at: akademija@orca.rs
    • The expenses for the selected students will be covered by ORCA, thanks to our donators who supported ORCA Academy
    • E-mail for all additional questions: akademija@orca.rs
    • Only complete applications will be considered and the best candidates will be called for an interview

ORCA Academy is supported through “Your place in Serbia” project financed by USAID and carried out by ORCA in partnership with National Coalition for Decentralization, Centre for Research, Transparency and Accountability – CRTA, “Jelena Šantić“ Foundation and Media and Reform Center Niš.