Project organizational development ORCA was implemented during 2009-2010 by ORCA. It was funded by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) that, among its European Members of civil society organizations engaged in the area of animal welfare, had selected ORCA for this type of professional and financial support.

Organizational development programs (OD) represents implementation of the comprehensive organizational changes. Programs are implemented in order to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness by planned intervention in the organizational processes.

In the cooperation whit experts from WSPA and local consultants for the organizational development, development of the civil society and advocacy, ORCA implemented activities related to strategic and long-term planning, development of system of internal control as well as project management.

Shortly after the end of the project, the EU started continuously to provide the project support for ORCA-from support for development of CSOs (2011-2012), following support for the socio-economic development of Danube region and implementation of European strategy for this region (2013-2014), to support for establishment of regional thematic networks of CSOs within the project support of development of civil society and media in the Western Balkan (2016-2019).