Pursuant to the Rulebook on the Small-Scale Public Procurement Procedure, the Animal Welfare and Care Organization’s Small-Scale Public Procurement Commission – ORCA announces:

P U B L I C  I N V I T A T I O N



ORCA implements the procurement and delivery of animal maize, made possible by the PANINI brand and distributor in Serbia Polydor, with the help of an album of self-adhesive thumbnails  “The mission of animal friends”, which has a humanitarian component. This album helps  toddlers to learn about animals, nature and their protection in a fun and educational way, and by purchasing “thumbnails which help animals”, children and their parents provide 100,000 meals for the animals who need it the most, and support the work of the ORkiCA Kids Club. The animal feed, purchased through this procurement, will be allocated to organizations, shelters and individuals responsible for the care of animals, namely: wild birds in nature (including swans) and horses (in shelters or wildlife).

Bidding instructions:

The offer is made based on the job description that is an integral part of this invitation. The bid should contain, in addition to the price, basic information about the potential Bidder, such as: full name, address and telephone number, contact person, identification and registration number, activity code and account number; as well as a document stating the composition of the food (declaration) to be included in the tender.

The public invitation is open until 09.11.2018.

Small-scale public procurement contracts are awarded to the bidders who meet the required conditions, based on the lowest price offered, i.e. the estimated price / quality ratio. The maximum value of procurement and delivery of maize for animals is 700 EUR. Bearing in mind the noble goals for which the animal feed is procured, please adjust your offer accordingly, or try  as much as you can to meet our price.

Bids should be sent by e-mail to office@orca.rs or by registered mail to: Organization for Animal Welfare and Care – ORCA, Public Procurement Commission, 29/16 Stjepana Filipovica Street, 11,000 Belgrade.

Jelena Ilic

The President of the Commission

In Belgrade, 22.10.2018.